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Canned 'Carmen' generates protesters at ballet
Oct 9, 2004

Pre-'Carmen' concerts planned outside Benedum to protest ballet cuts
Oct 5 2005


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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, musicians anticipate more talks

Nov 23, 2005


Canned 'Carmen' generates protesters at ballet
Oct 9, 2004

Pre-'Carmen' concerts planned outside Benedum to protest ballet cuts
Oct 5 2005

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Aug 20, 2005

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Aug 11, 2005

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Aug 4, 2005

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November 23, 2005


PITTSBURGH BALLET THEATRE, MUSICIANS ANTICIPATE MORE TALKS Representatives of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and the musicians of its orchestra met for more than two hours on Monday to discuss the possibility of restoring live music in performances.


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On October 27, 2005, members of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Orchestra Committee and PBT Management met with the Regional Director of the National Labor Relations Board in Pittsburgh.  Earlier this fall, the Pittsburgh Musicians Union filed two Unfair Labor Practice Charges against the PBT for:  a) failing to negotiate over an intrinsic change in the way the organization does business (in this case, by using recorded music instead of the live orchestra) thereby dismissing 40+ employees, and b) failing to provide necessary and relevant financial documents to the Pittsburgh Musicians Union during negotiations.  The meeting on October 27 was an attempt by the Regional Director of the NLRB to encourage the parties to reach a settlement in the case without having to officially issue a complaint against PBT, as requested by the musicians of the PBT orchestra. 

Unfortunately, at this meeting PBT Management informed the musicians and the Regional Director that they are not interested in reaching a settlement at this time, or even beginning talks with the orchestra in an attempt to reach a settlement, and that they intend to continue to use recorded music in place of the live PBT orchestra for the remainder of the season.   The meeting ended with the musicians requesting (again) detailed financial documents from PBT Management.  The case is now in the hands of the Regional Director, who will determine if the charges have merit and a Complaint should be officially issued.

The Musicians of the PBT Orchestra intend to continue to work to restore live music to the ballet.  Pittsburgh deserves a world-class ballet company, and a world-class ballet company needs live music.

Please visit our How You Can Help page for information on sending your support for the orchestra to the press and to the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Management and Board of Trustees.  You, the patrons of the PBT, are the strongest advocates for return of the orchestra. 

Write to us at; we want to hear from you!  Send us your words of support for the orchestra and for the future of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre as a world-class classical ballet company.