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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Susan Alrutz
From: McDonald PA
My daughter and I have been attending the Nutcracker since she was 2 yrs
old- she is now 28 yrs old. I purchased the 2005 tickets without giving a
thought that perhaps the orchestra would not be playing....I paid over
$150.00 for "taped" music. Unbelievable- that no one had the
common courtesy to at least advise customers of the "taped" music
We had planned also to attend "Swingin It"....this time when
I called for tickets- I asked if there would be a "live"
orchestra....had to be placed on hold...and was told there would not be a
live orchestra. I did not purchase the tickets nor will I purchase any
future tickets until this silliness is over and they recognize the
musicians as the valuable partners they are.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Mary Taylor
From: Sewickley
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I have been a PBT season ticket holder for many years and was shocked when
I read about the PBT orchestra cut last year. Come on,the ballet without
an orchestra, who could dream up such a crazy idea? The newspaper article
mentioned that several ballet companies around the U.S. have done this as a
cost-cutting measure. If they jump off a bridge, does that mean we should
too? It was for this very reason that I cancelled my season tickets(with a
heavy heart). I did attend the Nutcracker as I always have since 1986. It
was a disappointment. Oh yes, the costumes and scenery were gorgeous as
always and the technical skills of the dancers were tremendous, but the
well-oiled machine of dancer/musician was sorely missed. I can only hope
that the powers that be realize that they've made a horrible mistake.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Scott
From: Wexford
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My wife and I just moved to PGH and booked tickets to The Nutcraker; a
production we've seen in every city in which we've lived - New York,
Houston & London. To say that we were disappointed upon seeing the
orchestra picketing and then learning the production would be danced to
taped music would be an understatement. Shocked would be a better word.

How could PBT even consider staging such an event?

We found that the experience was so strange that the audience seemed
confused and lost track of when to laugh and applaud during the appropriate
places in the story. This notwithstanding solid dancing by the Company.

Have we de-volved to the point where the classic friction between
management and labor will now rob us of the arts that beautify our
otherwise mundane existence?

We are through with PBT theatre until music that is a-live is returned to
the Benedum pit.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Diane
From: Northern Cambria, PA
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This is our family's eighth year seeing the Nutcracker in Pittsburgh. We
were not aware that there was not going to be a live orchestra until we
were faced with the picket line at the theater. The experience that
evening lacked the luster and glamour of years prior. Ticket prices were
not lower as a result of this change. Why? We deserve a quaility artistic
product, and a ballet without a live orchestra falls far short of this.
All five of us were very disappointed. I hope this issue is resolved and
the orchestra is a part of our next Nutcracker production, or we will not
be there.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Laura
From: Peters Township, PA
I am a 13 year old girl. It is a tradition in my family to go and see the
Nutcraker every year. I was very dissapointed to hear no live music. I
recieved the flyier that the musicians were handing out and knew that I
needed to give my support to the PBT orchestra. My best friend dances in
the Nutcraker and said that she missed not hearing the live music. I play
the viola and love to see the viola players before the show. Next year if
there is no live music my family and I will not get tickets.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Lisa Schneider
From: Ross Township
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I took my 4 year old daughter to see the Nutcracker for the first time this
year and was shocked to see the musicians picketing. I had no idea that
there wouldn't be live music. My daughter and I were extremely
disappointed and my heart went out to the musicians. BRING BACK LIVE
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Krissy
From: Bethel Park, PA
I took my 5yr old daughter, my 5 yr old niece and my mom to the Nutcracker
performace on Sat. 12-17-05 @ 2pm. I had NO idea that the Orchestra was
not going to be there. This was the 1st time for my daughter and her
cousin to 'experience' the ballet !! Great, thanks for the stupid
'recorded' music for the dancers in the ballet !!! It was awful - my
daughter kept asking - what' the whole (the pit)- by the stage - I told
her that the orchestra was SUPPOSE to be there playing live music.... She
asked me why they were not there, what could I say? I had no idea that they
orchestra was not going to play. Trust me, If I knew that - I would not
have spent $25 per ticket - to see and hear an awful verison of the
Nutcracker !!! I have told all my friends and co-workers - how awful the
recorded music is!!!! So, what can we do to change this awful
situation???? I am here to support you all !!! Keep on fighting --
someone has to realize what HUGE mistake this is.....
PS - if the orchestra is not back by next year - I will not purchase
tickets for the Nutcracker !!!!

Bethel Park, PA 15102
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Jean Suwalski
From: Wexford, PA
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I took my 10 year old daughter to The Nutcracker on Sunday 12-17-05 at the
4:30 show along with my 19 year old daughter. I had no idea that there was
not going to be an orchestra. If I was informed about it when I called to
order tickets I would of rather have skipped it this year because it just
wasn't the same. There was a big differance in the sound and my daughter's
always enjoyed peeking into the pit to see the orchestra. The orchestra
was always a good insperation to my daughter's since they too play an
instrument. The show was such a dissapointment. Next time I will make
sure that there is a live orchestra before I order tickets. I am very
upset that I had to pay full price for orchestra seats even though there
was no orchestra. Hope to see you guys back again. Please forward this to
Jeanne Gleason, Chair Board of Trustees. Thanks.
Jean Suwalski
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Carol Mackin
From: Bethel Park
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First I must commend the dancers of the PBT. I enjoy watching the talent
of the dancers. However, their dance and the art it should reflect is
incomplete without the live music. It is the two components together that
create a true art form. By banning the orchestra, the PBT has lowered
themselves to a second-rate show. I doubt you would see dance without live
music in NYC, LA, or Chicago etc. Even the highschools have live music for
their stage performances. This is a disgrace to the city of Pittsburgh.
I bought season tickets to watch the entire production. The PBT has
greatly deceived us all. If the PBT had informed me that canned music
would be played, I would not have purchased the tickets. The cost of my
ticket was to include both dance and live music and that is what I expect
to see in the future, or we will be enjoying entertainment elsewhere.
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: Melissa Pishko
From: Evans City, PA
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I have seen the Nutcracker with my mother every year since I was 4 years
old and am now 22. I am also a season ticket holder to the PBT. I was
completely offended at the fact that the orchestra was not a part of this
years Nutcracker performance. I do not stand alone on this, I heard every
single person sitting around me express their disappointment as well. I'm
not sure who's idea this was, but of all the horrible and cheap ways to
"cut costs". Unfortunately, I didn't see the cost savings
reflected in my ticket. If you haven't got the message already....here it
is again....Bring back the orchestra, or you will loose a very valuable
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